Although listening to music without internet for the phone is not possible in today’s conditions, you can download millions of songs to your phone by choosing this application that I will tell you about. Download free music with the Music Mode app, which is the Mp3 download program.

Music Mode

With the Mp3 download app, you can choose from ready-made lists or easily find it by writing what you are looking for. It has all the features you can look for as a music download program. Below I have listed its properties.

  • Download Feature
  • Search Feature
  • Multifunction Mini Player
  • Similar Songs
  • Ready Lists
  • Lists of your own
  • It works on cars, phones, televisions and all android devices.
  • Equalizer

The features you see up there, as well as the sound quality, are quite good. Moreover, the application only take up 6 MB of space. You can download all music very quickly.

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