This application often share the notifications of government officials with this platform tool today. Celebrities, scientists, Politics and anyone you can think of use this app.

What is Twitter?

It allows you to share your feelings and thoughts in a certain number of characters format and to share it again in people’s profiles, like it, and write in response. Twitter is a pretty cool app. It has features such as followers, messaging, and so on. But one of its coolest features is the agenda.

What’s trends?

Trends is the topic determined by the twitter algorithm and varies by country. In general, it is sick, but sometimes a normal sentence can be in the name. Examples #twitteruygulamasi Twitter App. The smaller structure and most selective feature of this algorithm is what people write. I mean, it’s mostly the same agenda when you share the same things.

Twitter Agenda

Download Twitter app

To download a Twitter app, you can download it from the play store or app store-style app sharing locations if the device you’re using is the phone. You can access Google via twitter web by writing twitter.

We don’t apply those who look at my Twitter profile

You want to know who’s in your profile, but that’s not possible. This will not be possible due to confidentiality requirements. Do not give credit to the apps and sites that provide this. Who looked at my Twitter profile? To see this, you must have a senior friend on Twitter. If you tell my Twitter profile how to block people, adjust your account’s privacy settings.

The lie of those who look at my Twitter profile

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